New Integrated Routing System

Date: 12/02/2013

HellermannTyton announces the launch of the new Integrated Routing (IR) fibre management system for its range of high fibre count external closures. HellermannTyton’s IR fibre management system enables more fibre to be installed in less time at lower cost whilst delivering the highest possible quality of fibre protection, management and distribution.

Speed, ease and quality of installation have always been important when implementing large scale fibre optic networks. In today’s competitive environment, with more fibre needing to be installed in less time at lower cost, particularly in FTTX access networks, quick cost effective deployment of fibre on a large scale is critical to the success of a project. HellermannTyton’s IR system meets these needs.

Available with HellermannTyton’s 3 largest closures: FDN, FML and UFC, the IR solution comprises 3 main elements: the entry block; the fibre routing back plane; and the splice tray (either single circuit or single element). Each element is designed with close attention to detail, providing protection and positive fibre management to ensure consistent fibre bend radii throughout the closure.

Individual components are finished to a high specification to eliminate the risk of snagging or microbends. The system is modular and scalable and can be configured to support specific applications and fibre count requirements. In a standard configuration, with 12 splices per single element tray, HellermannTyton’s IR range provides fibre splice capacity from 72, in the smallest FDN, to 720 in the largest UFC. The single element splice tray has also been designed to comfortably house a wide range of splitters for use in Passive Optical Networks (PONs). HellermannTyton Launch the IR Fibre Management System

Ewan Wilson, Managing Director of HellermannTyton Data Ltd commented “IR is a significant enhancement to HellermannTyton’s fibre closure range. By combining the IR system with Cablelok™, HellermannTyton’s industry leading mechanical port sealing system, HellermannTyton’s closure range greatly reduces installation times whilst improving the quality and repeatability of installation. As such, initial network roll out costs are reduced and subsequent maintenance costs are minimised.”

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