The GST UTP System


The GST jack from HellermannTyton is a compact high performance UTP RJ45 connector. The solution includes Category 6A, Category 6 and Category 5e jacks, a range of modular flat and angled panels and a full set of plastic mounting modules.

The GST jack has standard keystone mounting dimensions and therefore can be loaded into any standard faceplate, this means that the jack can be used in faceplates suited to local requirements.

The 12 colour options available enable identification and demarcation of different services such as voice, data, CCTV, etc. They can also be used to define different paths or levels within the network in accordance with TIA 606A.

GST Jack

The GST jack is a small modular UTP jack with industry standard keystone mounting dimensions. It has a narrow width enabling 24 jacks to be mounted in a single 1U 19” panel. Its shallow depth means it is suitable for mounting in under floor or in-floor boxes, back boxes and trunking.

Central to the design of the GST jack is the performance optimised multi-layer PCB and contact set which provides the inherent performance to deliver a component compliant solution to ANSI/TIA-568-C.2.

In the case of the Category 6A jack, the patented contact set is designed to cancel Near End Cross Talk (NEXT) at the point of insertion by providing capacitive compensation through a flexible PCB mounted onto the contact set. The Category 6 and 5e jacks incorporate a compact multi-layer PCB to deliver superior performance.

The GST jack uses a wire-manifold with an integral lid which manages the twisted pairs and provides strain relief for the cable. This manifold requires the use of the specially designed single action crop and crimp tool making it quicker, easier and safer than traditional termination methods.

The design of the manifold and termination tool ensures a highly repeatable and controlled termination which contributes to the consistent electrical performance of the jack.

System Overview

The GST jack solution from HellermannTyton comprises the following products:

  • GST Category 6A, Category 6 & Category 5e UTP jacks
  • Single action termination tool
  • Full range of modular patch panels - flat and angled
  • Plastic mounting modules

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