Research and Development

Innovative product solutions need a solid basis: Three working methods that characterise our design competence.

What does it really take to make an innovative product solution? Put simply, it consists of an idea that leads to products with an added value that is completely new for you. What this highlights clearly is in fact a complex undertaking in which many factors must interact with each other.









This is why HellermannTyton uses three working methods to guarantee that development, quality, production and distribution of technically demanding solutions are guaranteed at the highest level.


1. Customer specific product developments.

The most important requirement of all for developing made-to-measure products is established through direct dialogue with our customers. It is on this basis that we develop innovative solutions which meet your high requirement profile. 

Our Engineers work closely together in a worldwide network. This is how they can achieve not only optimal synergies, but also a service and support quality which you will find nowhere else.



2.  Development of market leading all-purpose products.



We not only invest continuously in research and development, but also closely scrutinise our entire product portfolio. Intensive market and competition analysis enable us to spot market and processing trends ahead of time. This is why our products always meet your high expectations and special requirements.

3.  Reengineering of existing products.

By reengineering our products, we mean the constant optimisation of our wide-ranging portfolio.  Close cooperation with you, the distributors and end-users of our products, allows us to continuously adjust our existing products to meet up-to-date market trends.

This consequent development and modernisation of our products and processes makes ourselves a reliable partner, onwards into the future.