Fibre and Copper Training Courses

Fibre and Copper Installer Training

Fibre and Copper Installer Training

Complete Copper Training - Cat6A and Cat6 (1 Day Course)

A one day course conducted at HellermannTyton Connectivity HQ in Northampton. Completion of this course is an integral part of the HellermannTyton 25 Year system warranty.

The course is a mix of theory and practical learning. The course covers the following topics: 

  • Cable Configurations
  • Cable Construction
  • Power & Data 
  • Qualified Installer on course completion
  • Shielded Systems 
  • Product Installation
  • Best Practice
  • HTC CAT6 Product Range 
  • HTC CAT6A Product Range
  • Testing for Certification
  • Understanding HT Warranty 

We hold one-day courses at our manufacturing, Research, Development and Design facility in Northampton.
Each course runs from 9.30pm until 4.30pm and includes lunch, factory tour and all study material. Participants are required to complete a written test at the end of the course which covers both practical and theoretical aspects.

Courses can be tailored to individual company requirements depending on the numbers that require training. On completion of the Copper training course, HellermannTyton provide each installer with a certificate, full set of course notes and an information pack on the 25 year warranty.

25 Year System Warranty

25 Year System Warranty

HellermannTyton's 25 Year Warranty is available to all Authorised installers who have completed the HTC Complete Cat6A and Cat6 copper training course.

The warranty assures that the network will continue to operate, be compliant with cabling standards and support applications and protocols that have been designed and tested to operate with the appropriate cabling specification.  

What is covers: The HellermannTyton warranty covers all HellermannTyton copper and fibre cable, connectivity and patch cords used within the structured cabling system and for which test results have been provided.  

More information on the 25 Year Warranty is available to download using the links below:

City and Guilds Fibre Installer Training


(5 Day Courses)

A number of other industry standard and certified training courses are available from HellermannTyton in partnership with Lucid Optical Services.

Courses available:

  • City & Guilds 3668 Level 2 is communications Cabling – Unit 1 & 2 Fibre Cabling - Unit 2 Fibre Cabling Course Outline
  • City & Guilds 3668 Level 2 is communications Cabling – Unit 4 Blown Fibre Cabling
  • City & Guilds 3668 Level 3 is communications Cabling – Units 1 & 2 – Fibre Cabling
  • City & Guilds 3668 Level 3 is communications Cabling – Units 4 Blown Fibre Cabling
  • City & Guilds 3668 Level 3 is communications Cabling – Units 5 Passive Optical Networks


Open Awards:

  • Fibre Optics Installation & Testing: 5 days, sits on top of 3668 Unit 2 Fibre Cabling
  • Copper Datacoms Installation & Testing: 4 days, sits on top of 3668 Unit 3 Copper
  • Advanced OTDR Testing: 3 days
  • Advanced PMD & CD Testing: 2-3 days
  • Advanced Fibre Characterisation Engineer: 5 days, Adv OTDR & Adv PMD & CD together
  • Advanced Fibre Networks Technology: 4 days
  • Optical Network Design & Planning: 3 to 4 days
  • Fibre & Cable Blowing: 3 days; can incorporate the 3668 unit 4 fibre blowing
  • Advanced Copper Cable Testing: 3 days, external/long distance
  • Laser Safety: 2 days  (generic and fibre optics/telecoms versions available)

HellermannTyton CPD Courses

CPD Certified Courses

Online Webinar

HellermannTyton are CPD accredited for our training courses.

We currently offer:

  • A Guide to Zone Cabling
  • A Guide to Shielded Systems; Power and Separation

Our latest CPD offering ‘A Guide to Shielded Systems, Power and Data Separation’ is a short course explaining the Importance of Separation, Power & Data Separation guidelines. It covers the effects of EMI and Communication Cables, what Crosstalk & Alien Crosstalk is and how to minimise it. It examines Cable Constructions, Shielded Products as well as Bonding Methods. The course also looks at Permanent Link, Grounding & Completing the Earth Loop.

Our courses are no more than 1 hour and will be delivered through an online webinar platform (Teams or Zoom). On completion of the course you will receive a certificate which can be used to request your CPD points.

To find out more about our CPD course please contact us below.

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If you'd like more information on availability of training courses, please give us a ring or fill out the contact form through the link. 

Tel:  01604 707420

Email: Sales@htdata.co.uk