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HellermannTyton is a global manufacturer who offers high performance connectivity solutions to diverse markets. For our customers we develop market solutions that uniquely meet an industry's needs - solving an application requirement, saving installation and component costs, and improving the quality of the end product - no matter what your market sector is. HellermannTyton have seen it's products installed across a broad section of industries performing to the highest standards and with much success.

pictogram Fibre to the X FTTX

Fibre to the X  - FTTX
HellermannTyton manufacture a wide range of fibre closures that can be applied across all FTTX applications. The unique range of fibre splicing closures offer quality and high performance connectivity for both residential and commercial use.

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pictogram Data Centre Solutions

HellermannTyton understands the demands and issues of data centre and as a leading structured cabling manufacturer, has produced a range of products and solutions that help address them. HellermannTyton have a great deal of experience within the data centre and have proven success globally in the data centre market.

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pictogram Sports and Leisure

HellermannTyton have strong links with the sports and leisure industry, with it's structured cabling products being installed across a number of different businesses withing the market sector.

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pictogram Education Network Infrastructure

Education Network Infrastructure
HellermannTyton is an established and innovative global leader in the provision of network infrastructure cabling solutions. With extensive experience and expertise in the education sector, HellermannTyton has its products installed in a wide portfolio of schools and universities across the UK.

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pictogram Commercial and Finance

HellermannTyton have a wealth of experience in the Commercial and Finance industries with large scale projects at a number of leading banks as well as a host of installations in offices and other commercial buildings.

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