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HellermannTyton’s mission is to ensure that specifiers, across the globe, have a genuine choice of standards compliant cabling systems that are tried and tested technologies packaged together in a way that enables the specifier to get the most out of their data centre space, minimising installation time of the cabling infrastructure and most of all helping meet the business drivers. 

As the demand for data centre capacity increases, so do the internal demands on the data centre. The data centre now faces a number of issues that all impact the success, profitability and operational effectiveness including:

  • Data storage capacity
  • Speed of return on investment
  • Infrastructure performance
  • Power consumption
  • Temperature control
  • On-site security
  • Environmental impact

HellermannTyton understands these issues and, as a leading structured cabling manufacturer, has produced a range of products and solutions that help address them.

Reduce Installation Times

Rapid Net Fibre

Speed of installation is one of the most important factors for a data centre owner or manager. The quicker the infrastructure is up and running, the quicker the data centre is ready for use by its parent company or available to be sold as a data storage facility to a client. 

Through RapidNet, the pre-terminated and pre-tested solution from HellermannTyton, it is possible to reduce installation times by up to 85% with copper and 95% with fibre compared to traditional field terminated systems.

Space Efficiency

Space within a data centre now comes at a premium. It is important to use the available space as effectively and as efficiently as possible. The more space and connectivity that can be offered within any rack space is a benefit to both customer and data centre owner. HellermannTyton offer a number of products that address the issue of space within a data centre. From the MTP VHD RapidNet fibre cassettes offering up to 144 fibres (up to 576 fibres in 1U) or the 12 port RapidNet cassette with 48 pre-terminated copper ports in 1U of rack space.


The HellermannTyton range including copper and fibre offers uncompromised support for 10G applications.

The Category 6A RapidNet solutions deliver support for high speed 10G networks and applications. The RapidNet MTP VHD fibre range can support networks and applications up to 40G and 100G, making it an ideal high performance solution for data centres. Elsewhere, through the established Cat6 and Cat5E standards compliant ranges, HellermannTyton offers high quality network infrastructure for areas where 10G performance is not essential. 

Data Centre Security

In addition to the reduced installation times seen with the RapidNet system, data centres will also benefit from minimised security risks as less engineers are required and they are on site for reduced periods of time.

Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact

At HellermannTyton we work hard to be a greener company. In addition to achieving ISO:14001 accreditation for environmental management, we continually assess our performance as a business and the impact our business has on the environment.

Since we began evaluating, measuring and seeking to reduce our environmental footprint, we have reduced our energy and solvent usage and, through working with our supply base and internal initiatives, we have greatly increased our recycling activities thereby reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill.

The HellermannTyton RapidNet solution carries it’s very own environmental credentials as a pre-terminated system. It is manufactured in the UK and therefore has shorter logistics paths resulting in a reduced carbon footprint and less environmental impact. At the factory, each cable is pre-terminated and cut to its specified length, minimising bulk cable waste. On-site, RapidNet is ready to be installed and can be supplied on re-usable plastic drums resulting in minimal packaging waste.

Case Studies

Server Choice Tier 4

Server Choice Tier 4

ServerChoice, a UK managed hosting specialist, provides Cloud Solutions, Colocation and Connectivity to a wide range of customers. With a solid reputation built on offering high-performing solutions and industry-leading support, ServerChoice own and manage two world-class data centres. 

“We’re offering more ports per cabinet compared to the traditional data centre set up. By offering the additional connectivity in each cabinet, we are offering scalability, performance and reliability.” 

Tony Woodley, Data Centre Manager at ServerChoice

The first phase of this data centre saw completion in 2012 with a large rack/cabinet room with hot aisle containment. Each cabinet in this room offers 12 Category 6 RJ45 connections through to the main distribution area. This connectivity is provided through the use of HellermannTyton’s RapidNet pre-terminated solution. 

The RapidNet solution is a pre-terminated, pre-tested system manufactured the exact needs of the customer. By using RapidNet, it is possible to reduce installation times by up to 85%. ServerChoice have installed HellermannTyton’s Category 6 cassette to cassette RapidNet, where two looms are installed into each cabinet providing 12 RJ45 ports. The cable looms were then immaculately dressed overhead from the cabinets through to the main distribution area where the cassettes on the other end were installed.