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Experience in Education

Experience in Education

HellermannTyton is an established and innovative global leader in the provision of network infrastructure cabling solutions. With extensive experience and expertise in the education sector, HellermannTyton has its products installed in a wide portfolio of schools and universities across the UK.

HellermannTyton boast significant experience through network installation projects in universities and schools across the UK. With proven experience combined with innovation and the ability to adapt and change products to suit the needs of the customer, the following educational establishments have benefited from HellermannTyton’s high standards of network infrastructure:



HellermannTyton is ISO 9001:2000 Quality certified and sets the highest quality control standards across its entire production facility in Northampton, UK.

All products receive 100% performance testing before being released from Quality Control and made available for despatch.

Being centrally located in the UK, HellermannTyton has a wide network of authorised installers, all trained and certified through the HellermannTyton structured cabling courses and therefore able to offer the 25 year system warranty.


The HellermannTyton 25 year system warranty demonstrates the quality of HellermannTyton’s products, guaranteeing performance for a quarter of a century. This commitment not only gives IT managers peace of mind but ensures that the school/university network infrastructure is future proofed and will support technological developments for years to come.

Case Studies

Case Study - University of Roehampton

Case Study - University of Roehampton

Since 2014, the University has undergone a significant amount of refurbishment and construction, with the objective of providing excellent facilities available for its students and staff. The new student accommodation delivers a modern living space with network connectivity through both wired data outlets in the room and a series of wi-fi hotspots throughout the buildings.

Systems implemented:

University of Roehampton’s Telecoms Manager, Lee Morrison comments,

“Each individual room has 2 data points, each floor has a hall phone and a wi-fi hotspot which are cabled through to a small comms room on each floor.”

Application Example

Mission Critical

Mission Critical

Mission critical areas such as escape routes or busy walk ways in building environments such as universities or hospitals can be highly sensitive to disruption caused by maintenance. A zone cabling topology in this scenario allows engineers to conduct network maintenance works in areas away from these critical paths allowing normal day to day operation. 

The diagram shows a university floor plan highlighting a dedicated escape route. The escape route in this example needs to remain open and free from any obstructions, so by implementing a zone cabling topology, any closures can be avoided. Adopting the use of Zone Cabling Termination Boxes in ceiling voids to connect rooms accessed by the escape route is an ideal solution. This allows the campus engineers to carry out any network maintenance from the Zone Termination boxes, at worst closing off one or two class rooms at a time but avoiding any disruption to the escape route.

Product Key: