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HellermannTyton provides a complete end to end range of Fibre to the X (FTTX) solutions, delivering fibre from the Point of Presence (PoP) to the building and through to the customer termination point.

HellermannTyton have designed a range of outlets, distribution boxes, customer connection points and connectorised wall boxes that, combined with the fibre splice closures, provides full end to end FTTX solutions for both new developments and existing buildings. Depending on the size of the building, be it a large or small Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) or a Single Dwelling Unit (SDU), this range of products offers a wide range of options in fibre connectivity and distribution.

The sealed fibre splice closures from HellermannTyton protect the fibre management systems from adverse environmental conditions whilst maintaining ready access for effective cable installation. The fibres are housed in space saving modular units that minimise network disruption and have been designed to allow further modules to be added at a later date for increased capacity, ensuring a future proof design.

More customers are demanding maximum flexibility and a modular approach to cable management systems that will fit into existing and future networks. All closures have therefore been designed to cater for this requirement to accommodate the wide variety of fibre optic cables that are now available including loose tube, compact, ribbon and blown fibre / cable applications.

FTTX Applications

Delivering fibre to the ...

FTTX is the blanket term used to describe fibre deployed in a number of different applications or scenarios. Fibre optic connectivity can be found in almost every sector and the demand for fibre is growing at pace. HellermannTyton offer an extensive range of fibre solutions, including closures, wall boxes, street cabinets and fibre distribution boxes, all designed to perform in a wide range of FTTX applications...

Motorway Motorway

The Highways Agency operates a dedicated network that connects thousands of roadside devices to a network of traffic control centres across the country. Largely made up of fibre optic cables that run along the length of the motorways, the network links more than 14,000 message signs, emergency telephones, CCTV cameras and traffic monitoring systems to the control centres. Fibre optic closures are used to distribute the fibre connections between the control centres and the motorway monitoring and communications equipment.

Wind/Solar Farm Wind/Solar Farm

Wind turbines and solar panels are widely used in the renewable energy market. Wind turbines use a wide range of sensors that monitor wind speed, direction, and temperature. This information is recorded and sent back to a control station where the positioning of the turbine can be managed. Similarly, solar panel sensors also report back a range of information including solar strength, solar energy consumed and amount of electricity generated.

Metropolitan Metropolitan

In built up town and city locations where multiple fibres are required to service residential and business properties, HellermannTyton offer a number of aerial, burial, wall box and street cabinet solutions to meet these demands.

Read our case study on City Fibre deploying a city-wide fibre network spanning 90km in Peterborough city centre.

Download our Fibre to the X (FttX) Broadband Connectivity Brochure (PDF, 6 MB)

Home - Rural Home - Rural

Rural Fibre to the Home delivery has seen rapid growth over recent years. Across the UK, there are thousands of homes and businesses in remote rural locations that cannot be connected by the mainstream service providers. Independent service providers have been formed to deliver fibre broadband to these rural locations by working closely with the local communities and land owners.

Read our case study on Wessex Internet using Fibre to the Mast to supply fibre to rural communities.

Fibre to the Mast Fibre to the Mast

Fibre to the Mast enables high capacity and flexible LTE deployment to meet the rapidly growing high bandwidth demands of today’s mobile networks. Fibre to the Mast can also be a cost effective solution to the rural broadband challenge, providing an efficient way of delivering fast internet access to locations with low population density.

Download our Fibre to the Mast (FttM) Solutions Brochure (PDF, 1.49 MB)

Railway Railway

Fibre within Rail networks has become an integral component for signalling and monitoring hardware. High performing fibre is essential for rail signalling, providing a safe and efficient service for passengers. Fibre is also used to relay data from sensors that monitor the condition and performance of the physical rail tracks. HellermannTyton fibre optic closures can be used to distribute fibre connectivity to the active equipment up and down the railway network.

Featured Products

PoC / PoP

PoC / PoP

The connectorised fibre PoC and PoP are flexible fibre management systems, designed to be configured in an extensive range of cabinets.

The 48 fibre solution is expandable up to a maximum of 96 fibres, offering LC Simplex UPC and APC connector presentation in a point to point or point to multi-point design.

*With subtle differences, the PoC or PoP is determined by their location in the fibre network.

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Multi-Port Fibre Splice Closures

Multi-Port Fibre Splice Closures

HellermannTyton manufacture a wide range of fibre splice closures that can be deployed across all areas of the FTTX network applications. All fibre splice closures are designed to withstand adverse environmental conditions and will operate fully when buried underground or submerged in up to 6m of water. Underground deployment can be found in both road side and rural applications where the closures are housed in burial chambers or pits, distributing fibre to the point of the network.

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MDU Fibre Enclosures - MDU - S5, S4, S3, S2, S1 and S1 XS

MDU Fibre Enclosures - MDU - S5, S4, S3, S2, S1 and S1 XS

The range of MDU enclosures from HellermannTyton provide high fibre capacity and flexibility within the multi dwelling unit (MDU) .

The range has been designed in a variety of sizes to service the varying sizes of apartment blocks or office buildings:

  • The S5, the largest enclosure in the range, offers up to 432 fibres or 96 connectorised fibre ports
  • The S4 offers 240 fibres or 24 connectorised fibre ports. 
  • The S3, the middle sized enclosure offers up to 96 fibres or 24 connectorised ports
  • The S2 offers 24 LC Simplex adaptors
  • The S1 offers 12 connectorised fibre drops
  • The S1XS, the smallest in the range provides 12 connectorised fibre drops, designed for the smaller residential or building unit.


Aerial Fibre Node (AFN)

Aerial Fibre Node (AFN)

The Aerial Fibre Node (AFN) has been designed for deployment within the last mile of the FTTx network. This enclosure can be used within a P2P (Point to Point) or P2MP (Point to Multi Point) network with the addition of connectorised PLC splitters or pigtails and adaptors. 

The AFN comes with an IP55 and IK09 rating allowing the enclosure to withstand any external environmental conditions it might be subjected to. The AFN cover is tamper proof to prevent any unwanted or malicious interference with the internal fibre connections.

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Fibre Facade Box (FFE)

Fibre Facade Box (FFE)

The Fibre Facade Enclosure has been designed to provide a Fibre Connection Point. The closure can be building/facade or pole mounted and provides 8 SC or LC Simplex customer connection points.

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Customer Connection Enclosure (CCE)

Customer Connection Enclosure (CCE)

The Customer Connection Enclosure (CCE) has been designed as a Building Entry Point (BEP) to provide a fibre termination and network demarcation point external to the connected premise in a Fibre to the Home (FTTH) network. In addition to providing an external test point the enclosure will also store up to a maximum of 50m of 1.1mm cable. 

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Customer Connection Point (CCP)

Customer Connection Point (CCP)

The Customer Connection Point closure has been designed to be used as an external building entry point.

The closure can be wall/facade mounted or put in to a buried chamber (located at the property boundary or just outside the point of access) providing an external building entry point and network test point.

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Fibre Wall Outlet (FWO)

Fibre Wall Outlet (FWO)

The Fibre Wall Outlet (FWO) provides a fibre optic cable connection point designed to provide the final connection to the router or active equipment. The outlet can be supplied either unloaded, with a pre-terminated connector to bare end connection cable or with adaptors and pigtails.

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To download the HellermannTyton product brochures available specific to the FTTX markets, please follow the links below.

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