Cable rod end cap LC connector M5 x 0.8 Thread
Art.-No. 857-41009 | EC-LCBL-25 Details

  • Designed to protect the LC connector whilst pushing it through walls
  • Fits at the end of the most standard cable rods (two versions)
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Supplied in a pack of 25
Colour Blue (BU)
Connector Type SC Simplex
Content 25 x Rod End Caps for LC connector - M5 x 0.8 Thread
A6 Instruction Leaflet
Material Polyamide 6, glass-fibre reinforced (PA6GF20)
Product Family LC connector (M5 x 0.8 Thread)
Product Group Rod End Caps
Short Description Cable rod end cap LC connector M5 x 0.8 Thread
Technical Description The M5 x 0.8 rod end cap for LC connector has been designed to entirely cover the LC connector and allows the fibre installer to pass through any cavities safely with this fibre connector. It prevents damage or the ingress of dust. This clever attachment complements the other cable rod accessories that perform basic cable installations and aims at professional fibre optic installations. Manufactured from glass filled nylon, the rod end cap exists in two versions to fit two types of threads: 1/4” – 20 UNC and M5 x 0.8. The maximum pull out force is 80N. Tensile load of cable will be specified by the cable manufacturer. It is initially conceived as a disposable accessory. If the rod end cap remains in good condition after the first use, it can be used again up to 3-4 times. Rod end caps for SC connector will be available upon request.
Type EC-LCBL-25
Depth (D) 9.6mm
Height (H) 9.6mm
Width (W) 30.5mm