1.25mm and 2.5mm FTTX Fibre Prep and Cleaning Kit
Art.-No. 855-15064 | HT-FPC-KTFTX2 Details

  • Tough nylon kit bags
  • Cleaning tools for end face application
  • Precision wipes
  • Cleaning liquids and pens for combination cleaning
  • Dissipates static charge
  • Water based cleaning for quick and safe cleaning
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Content 1 x Rugged Red Nylon Bag
1 x HT-FPC-CC125 End Face Click Cleaner 1.25mm
1 x HT-FPC-CC250 End Face Click Cleaner 2.5mm
2 x HT-FPC-DW Fibre Cleaning Dry Wipes - 100 Wipes
2 x HT-FPC-DWQBPKC End Face Dry Wipe Cube Platform - Pocket+Clip - 200 Wipes
2 x HT-FPC-PNNCA End Face Pen - Non-Combustable/Aqueous - 5g
2 x HT-FPC-LQNCA/100ML Fibre Cleaning Liquid - Non-Combustable/Aqueous - 100ml
Product Description The KTFTX2 FTTX Fibre Prep and Cleaning Kit contains the necessary cleaning supplies for making a successful 1.25mm and 2.5mm fibre optic connection. The Kit contains a range of products including the End Face Click Cleaner Tools, Precision Wipes, End Face Cleaning Platform and Fibre Cleaning Liquid and Pen to perform the Combination Cleaning process. End Face Pens are a non-flammable, water-based cleaning solution that quickly and safely cleans the end face of fibre optic connectors. It also dissipates static charge, which prevents attracting airborne contamination that cling to the end face surfacing. For the best results, use with the DWQBPKC Cleaning Platform and the Combination Cleaning Process. End Face Click Cleaner Tools are the easy to use cleaning tool for fast and reliable end face cleaning. The End Face Click Cleaners use a mechanism that advances fabric over a cleaning tip with just a short and precise push and click of the tool. Using the End Face Click Cleaners in combination with the End Face Pen provides for fast, easy and repeatable Combination Cleaning.
Product Family 1.25mm and 2.5mm FTTX Fibre Prep and Cleaning Kit
Product Group Tools and Consumables
Short Description 1.25mm and 2.5mm FTTX Fibre Prep and Cleaning Kit