Fusion Splicer Mirror Swab
Art.-No. 855-15059 | HT-FPC-SBFM Details

  • No edge seamless head design on all swabs
  • High strength, durable head
  • Low particulate and nonvolatile residue contamination
  • No adhesives or binders are used in the construction
  • Excellent solvent compatibility
  • Available Aqua-Prime processed
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Product Description Fusion Splicer Mirror Swabs consist of polyester knit fabric which is either thermally bonded to the glass filed nylon handle or held in place using a shrink tube. The swabs are low in nonvolatile residue, ionic and particulate contamination, while providing exceptional strength and solvent resistance.
Product Family Fusion Splicer Mirror Swab
Product Group Tools and Consumables
Short Description Fusion Splicer Mirror Swab