FML B length tubed closure with 12 Hellapon medium trays
Art.-No. 857-00678 | FMLTB-BXBCBCX Details

  • Maximum 144 fibre splice capacity
  • 12 round ports and 1 oval port
  • Pre-tubed to trays to allow for easy insertion of fibre
  • Supplied with 12 Hellapon Medium trays
  • Maximum 12 splices per tray
  • Splitter accommodation
  • Cablelok compatible for all port sizes
  • Quick release cover
  • Optional flash test valve and/or grounding feed-through
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Colour Black (BK)
Content FML Base
B-Length Cover (Dome)
Quick Release Clamp
Sealing ’O’ Ring
Fibre Storage Basket (Hellapon Medium Tray option only)
Mounting Posts and Brackets
Anchor Fixing Kit (1)
12 x Hellapon Medium Trays
Tray Tool
Hook and Loop Tray Securing Strap
Transportation Tubing
Tubefix – Tubing to Tray Securing Blocks
Hook and Loop Management Ties
Marker Kit (NZDF SE-B/SMF SE-B)
Red Marker 1 - 48
Green Marker 1 – 48
Marker Kit (Hellapon Medium)
Red Marker 1 - 25
Green Marker 1 – 25
Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes
Installation Guide
Cover Type B
Method of Sealing Cablelok, Heatshrink
Package Content packed in kit
Port L, T, S, B
Port count 1, 2, 6, 4
Product Family FML B Length Closure with Hellapon Trays
Product Group FML Tubed Closure
Qty Trays 12
Short Description FML B length tubed closure with 12 Hellapon medium trays
Splice Capacity 144
Technical Description The FML B length closure is supplied with a Polypropylene base. The base configuration of 12 round ports and 1 oval port covers a cable diameter range of 4.8 – 29.0mm when using Cablelok mechanical seals and 6.0 – 35.0mm when using heatshrink. The mounting system is manufactured from Grade 304 stainless steel and the backplane is an aluminium extrusion which manages 12 Hellapon Medium trays. The Hellapon Medium closure is supplied with a fibre storage basket which provides storage space for the storage of fibre loops. The tubed closure and the position of the mounting system allows for ease of access and traceability of the fibre into the trays. The trays are white which makes it easy to see the colour of the fibre elements as they are routed through the fibre management system and into the trays.
Type of Tray Hellapon Medium
Length (mm) 598mm
Width D1 220mm
Width D2 275mm
Country of Origin GB
GTIN-13 / EAN 5022660112904
ETIM 7.0 Key EC002067
ETIM 8.0 Key EC002067
ETIM 9.0 Key EC002067