Zone Termination Box


Zone Termination Box

Zone Termination Box

The Zone Termination Box (ZTB) from HellermannTyton Connectivity is a compact and robust internal consolidation point. The ZTB has been designed to work as part of a Zone Cabling topology which allows for more flexibility in regards to MAC’s within a structured cabling network. Alternatively it can be used when converting incoming external grade cable over to internal CPR compliant cable.

As standard, the ZTB benefits from HellermannTyton Connectivity’s Category 6 PCB technology (backwards compatible with Category 5e), designed for high performance and reliability this product forms part of the HellermannTyton system warranty when installed by an accredited HellermannTyton installer.

Zone Termination Box

Available in either Unshielded or Shielded variations both models allow for up to 12 cable lines to be terminated.
The compact size of the ZTB means it can be easily fixed into a variety of small spaces in ceiling voids, raised floor, risers or even under the desk. 

The base and lid are made from 1.5mm thick mild steel and is supported by internal steel cross-members located on the PCB trays which ensure the ZTB is strong and robust enough to withstand possible damage within shared utility environments.

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits of the Zone Termination Box
  • Supports Category 6 and Category 5e
  • HellermannTyton’s Optimised PCB design 
  • Supports POE applications
  • Available in Unshielded or Shielded
  • Allows for up to 12 cable lines to be terminated
  • 1.5mm Mild Steel for added strength
  • Internal Steel cross-member supports for increased impact resistance
  • Compact size to allow for installation in restricted spaces
  • Removable lid for ease of termination
  • Lockable for security
  • Fixing points to allow for installation on walls/risers, in ceilings, floor or under desk
  • Grey powder coated finish for humidity and temperature protection
  • Brush strips for easy cable entry/exit and debris free operation
  • Integral cable anchor points
  • Shielded version comes with additional cable clamps to allow for correct shield bonding
  • Allows for flexibility within a structured cabling network with future ROI in regards to MAC’s
  • Port Identification Label

Application Example: Mission Critical

Application example: Mission Critical

Mission critical areas such as escape routes or busy walk ways in building environments such as hospitals or universities can be highly sensitive to disruption caused by maintenance. A zone cabling topology in this scenario allows engineers to conduct network maintenance works in area away from these critical paths allowing normal day to day operation.

The diagram below shows a university floorplan and distinguishes a dedicated escape route. This university cannot allow possible future disruption within the escape route walkway and so using a zone cabling topology, installed Zone Cabling termination boxes in the ceiling void which will then go on to service designated classrooms. This allows the campus engineers to carry out any network maintenance from the Zone Termination boxes, at worst closing of one or two class rooms at a time but alleviating any disruption to the escape route.

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Zone Termination Box

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