FTTH Customer Connection Point (CCP)

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Compact design with IP68 sealing performance

Compact design with IP68 sealing performance

The Customer Connection Point (CCP) is a Building Entry Point (BEP) which provides a fibre termination and network demarcation point external to the connected premise in a Fibre to the Home (FTTH) network. It also presents a network test point outside of the customer location.

It’s high (IP68) sealing performance and a compact design allows it to be housed in a small subterranean access chamber (eg: “Toby Box”) or wall/facade mounted whilst protecting the fibre connection point from water and dirt. Incoming and outgoing cables are sealed at the base of the CCP using a quick twist lock sealing mechanism. A vent gauze breather membrane prevents internal condensation. The CCP can also be surface mounted to the wall with an optional sealed rear cable entry/exit point enabling the drop cable to pass directly into the premises. 

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits:

  • IP68 sealing gives a high level of performance to prevent dirt and moisture ingress
  • Optional vent gauze feature to prevent moisture condensation
  • 3 sealed cable entry points, two at the base and one in the rear of the enclosure
  • Positive fibre management to enable the use of both G652D or G657 single mode fibre types
  • Bend radius managed through-the wall port with IP55 environmental sealing
  • Minimum fibre bend radius of 30mm throughout
  • Mounting for 2 off SC SX or LC DX connections
  • Splice protector storage for 3A or ANT sleeves
  • Mechanical fixing for cable strength member