Small Subterranean Access Chamber


Made for housing small format broadband enclosures, the TobyBox300 is used for demarcation point external to the connected premise in the FTTx network and also provides a maintenance or network test point.  

It is located at the boundary of the property or on the curb next to the premise to prevent further trenching or digging when access is required.

  • Mounting point for Customer Entry Point
  • Self-venting
  • Narrow profile with a 300mm depth 
  • Contoured base to rest on top of Duct 56
  • Secured lid with a 105˚ angle
  • Suitable for ducts from 14mm to 54mm OD
  • Sustains a 5kN load BS 5834-2-2011
  • Includes drainage hole

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Features at a glance

Made for CEP

Made for CEP
Mounting point for CEP & small format enclosures

New build and retro fit

New build and retro fit
Suitable for a variety of installation applications

Tamper proof, detachable lid

Tamper proof, detachable lid
With metal washer for detection if buried

Narrow profile

Discreet, narrow profile
300mm depth

Suitable for ducts 14mm to 54mm OD

Suitable for ducts 14-54mm OD

100% recycled and recyclable

100% recycled and recyclable