New Multi Customer Connection Enclosure (MCCE)


The FRBU is an IP68/IK09 rated sealed dome closure with several lengths and port-type/configuration options.

The Multi Customer Connection Enclosure (MCCE) has been designed as a Building Entry Point (BEP) to provide a fibre termination and network demarcation point external to the connected premise in a Fibre to the Home (FTTH) network. In addition to providing an external test point the enclosure can also accommodate up to 12 customer fibre connections.

The MCCE has an IP54 sealing performance with up to 6 entry/exit ports at the bottom of the enclosure which are suitable for cables or ducts up to a maximum diameter of 8mm. A loop through facility allows for single fibre elements to be removed and spliced whilst the remaining fibres can be fed on to the next connection point. 

Mechanical fixing is provided to secure all incoming/outgoing cables or blown fibre ducts and to provide strain relief where necessary. Internal positive fibre management and fibre retention clips maintain a minimum 30mm bend radius throughout.

The MCCE manages up to 6 LC duplex or SC simplex adaptors and has features to secure a maximum of 30 fibre splices.  The lid is hinged allowing quick and clear access to the internal fibre for splicing and termination and the lid can be replaced if damaged. The MCCE can be supplied pre-loaded with fibre adaptors and pigtails as required.

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits
  • 12 Customer Connections
  • 6 LC Duplex / SC Simplex connectors
  • Up to 30 fibre splices
  • Splitter accommodation
  • Positive fibre management (30mm minimum bend radius)
  • IP54 rating
  • Low Profile
  • Tamper-proof

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View in 3D

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