Hellipse NZDF SE-A Splice Trays with ANT/Splitter Bridges
Art.-No. 857-40425 | TRAY-NZDF-SE-A-SP/ANT-01 Details

  • Positive fibre management - minimum bend radius 37.5mm
  • 10 fibre entry ports
  • 2 mounting positions for splice protector inserts
  • Option for optical splitter/3A or ANT splice bridge
  • Optical splitter accommodation up to a maximum of 70 x 20 x 6mm
  • Back to back mounting capability allows routing of fibre between trays
  • Maximum splice capacity of 24 fibres (double stacked)
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Material Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
Product Family Hellipse NZDF SE-A
Product Group Tubed Fibre Optic Splice Tray
Short Description Hellipse NZDF SE-A Splice Trays with ANT/Splitter Bridges
Technical Description The Hellipse NZDF SE-A is an elliptical tray designed for single element and single circuit applications which is manufactured from ABS and finished to a high specification to eliminate the risk of snagging or microbends. All retaining tabs on the tray have radius edges and rounded corners where fibre may pass. The overall dimensions of the tray are 202 x 148 x 7mm. The Hellipse NZDF SE-A tray accepts a wide range of splice protectors and can accommodate 2 x 60 x 7 x 4mm optical splitters when using the optional splitter/3A or ANT splice bridge. A single optical splitter up to a maximum of 70 x 20 x 6mm can be fitted into the tray in place of a splice bridge. The tray has 2 pivot points to allow for mounting into a 6 tray module and is suitable for use in the FDN or UFC tubed closures. The maximum splice capacity of the Hellipse NZDF SE-A tray is based on 24 double stacked heatshrink (3A) splice protectors upto 60mm long.
Type of Tray Hellipse NZDF SE-A
Depth (D) 7mm
Height (H) 148mm
Width (W) 202mm