MDU S1 XS with 4 LC DX APC Adaptors and 2 x 1:4 Splitters
Art.-No. 857-02223 | MDU-S1XS-T14AS21S Details

  • 8 x LC APC Connectorised Customer Connections (maximum capacity 12)
  • 4 x LC APC Duplex Adaptors
  • 2 x 1:4 Bare End to LC APC PLC Splitter
  • 4 x 3A fibre splices
  • Positive fibre management (30mm minimum bend radius)
  • Splitter accommodation
  • IP54 rating
  • UV Stable
  • Low Profile
  • Tamper-proof
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Application Designed for deployment within the last mile of the FTTx network. This enclosure can be used within a Point to Pont (P2P) or Point to Multi Point (P2MP) network with the addition of PLC splitters, connectorised or bare end, pigtails and adaptors.
Cable ∅ max 8mm
Cable ∅ min 1mm
Colour Grey RAL 7035 (RAL7035)
Content 4 x LC APC Adaptors
2 x 1:4 Bare End to LC/APC Splitter
Fibre Management Tray
2 x 3A Splitter Splice Bridges
Cable Entry/Exit Kit 6 - 8mm
Mechanical Fixing Kit
Wall Mounting Kit
Laser Label
Product Family Fibre Optic External/Internal Enclosure
Product Group S1 XS Series MDU/MBU Enclosures
Short Description MDU S1 XS with 4 LC DX APC Adaptors and 2 x 1:4 Splitters
Splice Capacity 6
Technical Description The MDU S1 XS is V0 rated with an IP54 sealing performance. With up to 6 entry/exit ports at the bottom of the enclosure which are suitable for cables or ducts up to a maximum diameter of 8mm. A loop through facility allows for single fibre elements to be removed and spliced whilst the remaining fibres can be fed on to the next connection point. Mechanical fixing is provided to secure all incoming/outgoing cable or blown fibre ducts and to provide strain relief where necessary. Internal positive fibre management and fibre retention clips maintain a minimum 30mm bend radius throughout. The MDU S1 XS manages up to 6 SC simplex or LC duplex adaptors and has features to secure a maximum of 30 fibre splices. The lid is hinged allowing quick and clear access to the internal fibre for splicing and termination and the lid can be replaced if damaged. The MDU S1 XS can be supplied pre-loaded with fibre adaptors and pigtails as required.
Type MDU-S1XS-T14AS21S
Depth (D) 37mm
Height (H) 233mm
Width (W) 135mm