MTP to MTP Fan Out
Art.-No. 855-32203 | FLS96M4-MFMF412M-10.0M Details

  • High performance low loss Elite® Connectors from US Conec
  • Compatible with all MTP RapidNet Cassettes
  • Available in OM4 and OM5
  • Pre-tested with test results supplied
  • Female MTP Connectors
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Application RapidNet fan out to fan out cables remove localised patching at both ends, saving space in the cabinets and reducing optical losses in the link. These cables are offered in various configurations and are particularly suited to applications where the active equipment or hardware at each end is located either in the same cabinet or row.
Cable Configuration 24 Core, 8 Core
Colour Magenta (MG)
Connector Colour Magenta (MG)
Connector Type MTP
Pack Cont. 10m
Performance Category OM4 Multimode
Product Description The MTP to MTP Fan Out is designed to provide a high density inter-connect which uses minimum space making it an ideal solution for patching active hardware in data centres where space is at a premium. The Fan Out cable is a multi-core cable that has a smaller diameter than the standard fibre patch lead and therefore takes up less space in the trays and pathways.
Product Family Transition Cables
Product Group MTP to MTP Fan Out
Technical Description The MTP to MTP Fan Out is pre-terminated and pre-tested ensuring the highest performance. The MTP Connectors are the low loss Elite® Connectors from US Conec and are compatible with all RapidNet MTP Cassettes. All MTP Connectors and Adaptors are keyed so they connect in the correct orientation ensuring the polarity of the link. This ensures that the installation is as quick and smooth as possible and error free. The fan out unit includes integral strain relief and the furcation tubing on the individual fibres means that the breakout fibres can be used as a standard patch lead. NB: Part numbers shown are for a 10m length, other lengths are available. The standard fan out breakout length is 0.5m for cable lengths between 2m and 5m and 1m for cable lengths over 5m.
Type FLS96M4-MFMF412M-10.0M
Length (L) 10m
Optical Performance Multimode
Country of Origin GB
GTIN-13 / EAN 5022660161209
ETIM 7.0 Key EC000034
ETIM 8.0 Key EC000034
ETIM 9.0 Key EC000034