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Application of the HellermannTyton Fibre Wall Outlet

The Fibre Wall Outlet (FWO) provides a fibre optic cable connection point designed to provide the final connection to the router or active equipment.

The FWO is a small single socket size outlet which is manufactured from Polycarbonate + ABS V0 rated material. The outlet has cable entry positions at the base, rear and on each side. Designed with fibre management features which ensure a 30mm minimum bend radius and cable tie fixings at all entry ports to provide strain relief.

Tamper-proof latches on the side of the outlet secure the cover to the base and the overhang restricts the removal of any adaptors and connectors when the cover is in place.

Supplied with 4 output port covers which can be used to provide additional shielding of the adaptors prior to fitting the customer connection cable. 

The base has adjustable keyholes to allow for ease of positioning and installation and each outlet is supplied with a standard fixing kit. 

The outlet can be supplied either unloaded, with a pre-terminated connector to bare end connection cable or with adaptors and pigtails.

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Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits of the HellermannTyton Fibre Wall Outlet
  • Available in 3 configurations

- Pre-terminated connector to bare end connection cable
- Adaptors and pigtails
- Unloaded

  • Maximum 8 LC connections (Pre-terminated solution only)
  • Maximum 4 3A/ANT splice positions
  • 4 cable entry positions
  • 30mm minimum bend radius
  • Integrated safety features – restricts removal of connectors/adaptors
  • V0 rated

Product Options

Pre-Terminated Solution

Pre-Terminated Solution

Features and Benefits

  • Maximum of 4 SC or 8 LC connections
  • Maximum Adaptor Capacity: 4 SC Simplex / 4 LC Duplex
  • Cable entry at the base or rear
  • Pre-terminated cable lengths
  • 5m – 25m in 5m steps
  • 30m – 100m in 10m steps
  • Connection cable G657.A1
  • Supplied with cable connection(s) fitted in to the adaptor(s)

Adaptors and Pigtails Configurations

Adaptors and Pigtails Configurations

Features and Benefits

  • Maximum of 2 SC or 4 LC connections
  • Maximum 4 3A/ANT splices
  • Fibre storage capacity
  • 4m x 250μm
  • 4m x 900μm

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Fibre Wall Outlet

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