MDU S3 Rear Mounting Storage Bracket
Art.-No. 857-40702 | MDU-S3-RMSBRKT/GY Details

Product Family Fibre Optic Enclosure Accessories
Product Group MDU Rear Mounting Storage Bracket
Short Description MDU S3 Rear Mounting Storage Bracket
Technical Description The Rear mounting storage brackets have been designed to allow for effective MDU wall mounting at both low and high levels. The MDU is affixed to a back plate which then secures to the wall mounted storage bracket. It allows engineers to safely remove the MDU and bring it down to working level. The back plate also features a hook system that allows engineers to hang the MDU off the storage bracket and offers flexibility in working methods and environments. The storage bracket has been designed to hold and store up to 4 metres of drop cable. A number of anchor points are located around the bracket to allow for multiple cable tie points, ensuring stability and security for the stored drop cable.
Depth (D) 63mm
Height (H) 357mm
Width (W) 228mm