Integrated Routing Customer Access Box
Art.-No. 857-01071 | ENIR-MBU-CB Details

  • Maximum 48 LC Duplex/SC Simplex Adaptors
  • Angled Connector Panel
  • Positive fibre management to ensure consistent 30mm bend radii throughout
  • Cable tie fixing points
  • Label identification
  • Thumb lock removable cover
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Content Cable Management Kit
Wall Mounting Kit
Blanking Panel
Brush Strip Kit
Product Family Fibre Optic Internal Enclosure
Product Group Integrated Routing Customer Access Box
Technical Description The Customer Access Box attaches to the side of the ENIR-MBU (Integrated Multi-Business Unit) providing a secure connectorised solution which separates the network operator side from the installer/end user side. The access unit can accommodate 6 connector plates providing a maximum of 48 LC Duplex/SC Simplex or 24 LC Simplex adaptors. The adaptor plates are presented at an angle for ease of installation, testing and cleaning whilst maintaining positive fibre cable management. The access unit has a thumb lock cover which can be removed to provide unrestricted access to the adaptors when unlocked.
Depth (D) 161mm
Height (H) 433mm
Width (W) 164mm